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As a joke I spend a bottle of whiskey, as you choke, you say I make you feel dirty


Instead of going to Jason webley in BELLINGHAM, we will now be seeing him in SEATTLE, (for 5$) and this will be more accomodating for everyone. Those who still don't want to go to that concert, can go clubbing or something. But I still want to go to Bellingham, as I told you darling, and I will still be going there if not that weekend, sometime around it.

So I hope all works out, I'm not going to be flustered about it anymore. It's on track I guess. Now all I have to do is figure out hotel stuff. So Krystal and Mehron, if you are still coming, and if you even read this, it would be cool if you could tell me if you still wanted to come or not. Love for everyone.

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