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I am trouble, and I am troubled too

By my calculations it's been a long time since I dealt with this update diddlyboop, so I hope SOMEONE will read at least part of it. Hmmmmm, first I'll start by telling the story, unecessarily of course, about my superhero turned self abuse stunt. I was painting a christmas present a few says ago when I decided it would be a fast route to the kitchen by leaping over the back of the couch rather than walking around like a sophisticated person. So I proceeded to launch myself off the back, my sock slipped on the blanket that was draped over, therefore sending me face-first into the metal table behind the couch, then ultimately landing on the tile, left kneecap first...I wish I'd had a video camera present, because after the throbbing, I'm sure it would have been a truly hilarious sight. My knee is still swollen. Just another day in the life.

Now I will give my little excuse for possible christmas exchange present delays on my part. I acquired some food poisoning two nights ago, and have had a belly full of agony, plus a body well equipped with lingering pain from my initial story. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that my presents for Sunday will be all done, and in short, I wanted to make it clear that if any of those coming who might read this do not receive one of my silly gifts, it's coming,whether you want it or not. LOVES.

If you have not heard of Devendra Banhart, you ought check him out on youtube or something. Marvelous. A new favorite. Anyways.......I'm serious.

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