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I'm just a jeepster for your love

So here resides temporarily I, in Waiamea, Hawaii, slightly south? of Kona. I am with mine Aunt and cousin in their log cabin like abode. I did not realize that their house would be as magnificent as it is. It is the most wide open house I have ever seen. When you walk in the giant oak door their is an enormous living room and kitchen connected, with a tree growing through it. Everything is wood, floors, walls, etc. I think it's maybe oak. Anyways, they live pretty high up on a mountain, and the view is spectacular.They call it "snob hill" because I guess everyone else who lives around here is rich and old. But the living room is surrounded by gigantic windows that lead onto a long porch, which overlooks all the trees, the valley and a volcano. Around their big yard are resplendently majestic trees of different kinds, including some fruit I can't pronounce, grapefruit tree, lemon tree, and some other food trees. And then there are amazing flowers everywhere. I am going to collect them in my tuckerbag and bring them home, klepto that I am. I guess the house was a total steal too. Luckies.

I am going to work by choice in the mornings while I am here, an Irishman is paying my Aunt, cousin and I $15 an hour to do whatever handyman work he needs. I worked today, and met him. He is 100% Irish, the thick accent and everything, and lives here 1/2 the year and Ireland the other. Here he owns a contracting business, and there he, I can't believe it, remodels castles. I saw some of the pictures of castles he has been remodeling and they are also magnificent! I don't think I will find the forbidden islands while I'm here, or a fat Samoan with whom to elope this trip, but maybe next time.

In other news, Sarah and I are no longer on the fritz, she actually called me yesterday at the airport.

Anyways, ridiculously long I know, but I don't know if I'll post anymore while I'm here. It might take away from the spirit of the whole thing. But feel free to write, email, livejournal, or call me, I'm sure now that I've said no more computers, it's inevitable I'll use it again.

Hope everyone is happy. Love and Peace
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