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I don't think this post will have anything at all to do with Helsinki. Well, that wouldn't be fair, so I'll tell you that Helsinki has an average of 121 rainy days a year. Wow. That's a lot of rain. Wow.

So today I was productively flipping thorugh channels and I happened to come upon what I am convinced is the most awful show on television, something on VH1 about stage Moms; you know, they that recruit their poor ignorant children into the spotlight of their own silly dreams so they can live vicariously through them. One gem I extracted from my brief experience was from one of the Mom's on the show talking to a stylist about what she thought her daughter should be made over as:

"What I've come up with that really nails her in  3 words:  young Beyonce."

Not only are they greatly selfless people, they are also arithmatic geniuses.  Bravo indeed.

Mother's Day seemed like a minor success, almost devoid of any family conflict.  She really likes her fish, which is pleasant.  I think I have eaten far more of her cake than she has though.  

I will just leave you with this image of a Daubentonia  Madagascariensis. 

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