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 As I narrowly avoided a certain ephemeral housemate today, by escaping to a favorite housemate's room, I heard his bizarre trilly falsetto waft through the front door and down the hallway.  His mantra: "Depression!  Depression!  Is gonna kill me!"  With an creepily chipper disposition.  How much can you really pity someone who flaunts their inner turmoil like a peacock feather?  Hopefully his "Eastern Tour of Pompous" (as a certain friend likes to refer to it)  will implant the enlightening seed of being humble. 

Other than, I think things are working for now.  I've gained at least 8 complimentary "you eat like crap" pounds that I guess I should work on casting off.  But the winter coat of fat could also serve me quite well. 

So I hope my tiny world in livejournal is kosher.
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