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So being the silly that I am, I left Turtles house in a rush today, changing as I drove, only to arrive at my place of work and find out I do not work today. At all. A rarity. I could have lazed around for HOURS more with Turtle, AND saved myself a great deal of gas. I do, however, work tomorrow at both jobs, at the same time (I guess I will only be at one in spirit), and tomorrow is when Sarah wants to take me to the Muse concert. Oh, th sweet peril! Aghast! Anyways.

I'm excited for upcoming adventures, my dear sir, you know who you are.

Rachel's livejournal question of the day that she doesv't expect an answer to:
What is the logic behind cowboy hats? There must be a reason for them to be so ridiculous looking.

Peace and Love
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