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If my cat looks scared, it's because he knows he's not going to heaven.

Not a great deal to report as of late, but nevertheless, here I am. I want to say things, even though it's usually nothing too substantial that ends up coming out.

I haven's cried in a very long time. I'm not sure if that means I am happy, content, or if I'm just all dried up. Some good things are happening, and some not so stellar. I'm still fixated narrowly on my perverbial paranoia about almost everything, but that's who I am for now I guess. I sincerely wish happy happenings upon you good people, and if you are sad ever, you know that whole open door/phone thing. If you're happy too. I hate the thought of ever growing old, and wasting time when I could have been doing otherwise with the lovely people. Anyways....I just hope I can pass college at this point and figure out what I'm a-gonna do. I could always find some sweet sugar daddy I guess.

I was hanging out with Sarah today and she said she was in the frame of mind to do something randomly and spontaneously like get a tattoo, so I challenged her to do it, and we went to Mount Vernon (Triumph Tattoos) and she got a treble clef on her ankle. It looks very nice. She is very excited.

Peace and Love
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