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Oh, I do believe

I saw a film today that was surprsingly moving. It was called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed". I saw it in Marysville and I'm not sure it's playing in many other places. It helped me understand better my beliefs and it was highly influential. At first I was pretty reluctant to see it, but my Mom convinced me, and I wasn't really expecting it to have an effect.

The film was a sort of documentary, with Ben Stein as the focal point (the clear eyes guy). It deeply investigated Darwinism and Intelligent Design. It wasn't biased, as some might think from the subject material, because he fairly and intricately interviewed both sides, even though he is Jewish. I know a lot of people don't believe in God, and I will not be so bold as to say that you would by watching this film, but it is a lot more interesting than it sounds, and I hope that some of you will see it. I also know that many of you are not looking for religion, but you may glean something out of it anyways. While many documentaries are tediously boring satires that are sometimes meant to make viewers angry and uncomfortable, this really just opened my mind, and I hope that someone else would be willing to watch it with me.

So that is my feeling today.

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