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At night I trip without you

It looks as though i am not the only one in my tightly cropped lj circle who hasn't updated in a coon's age.  I think I may start reactivating frequent updates, for my own boredom's sake.  Let's see, things I'm excited for: My interviews, Camp Tomato, time for artwork and reading, and the blistering sunshine.  Things I'm thankful for: Getting out of my house at the endof this month, Flight of the Conchords and Grey's Anatomy coming soon.  Things I'm thinking: This could be the lamest entry I've ever written.  Things I am anxious to do: Paint and draw pictured for family and friends.  Something I just realized: I could have put all the things I listed under the same category... Well this entry wasn't exactly the stimulating work of written profundity I was hoping to relay, but maybe upcoming pages will be more alluring.  Either way I won't worry.
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